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I went to the mall yesterday to try and finish up my Christmas shopping. I stopped in jcp (ya know, the revamped JC Penny) and was actually very impressed by the remodeling and changes that have happened! I love the new way it is organized  -much less claustrophobic feeling! These tops caught my eye.

1. Cable Cardigan - $40 - the only top I tried on! Feels and looks great!
2. Intarsia Sweater - $35 -Best buy! Great looking J Crew-esque sweater!
3. Button Front Denim Shirt - $40
4. Pattern Pullover Sweater - $22
5. Colorblock Sleeve Sweater - $45
6. Cashmere Pullover Sweater - $60 - so soft and a great price for cashmere!
7. Oversized Sweater - $35
8. Dolman Sleeve Long Tee - $22

Can you tell that I'm loving slouchy sweaters right now? I'm so tall that I haven't been able to find the right sweater that is long enough to cover my butt so I can wear it with leggings and boots, but I think 7 & 8 might work! I also perused their accessories.

4. Oversized Solid Twill Fringe Scarf - $10 - makes a perfect gift!
6. Retroactive Tote - $30 - this has a Coach inspired feel to me.
8. Tablet Case - $12

Have you been to jcp lately? What were your thoughts?


Amazing Ily Couture Offer!!

Confession. I was basically over the bubble statement necklaces that have been everywhere because for one, they are everywhere and two, they cost $50 (or $150 @ J Crew!)!! Not gonna happen.

That is UNTIL I check my email this morning and see that MMandLShow uploaded a new video offering these Ily Couture necklaces for $15!! Shut the front door. No really! This is crazy!!
You have to like Michelle's page on facebook and enter the offer code and voila! Check out the video for more details.
So yeah. Maybe you're not completely over these either? It's just too good of an offer not to share! Good luck deciding on a color! So many options!!

P.S. If you haven't been watching MMandL yet, you need to! Not only are they hilarious but they offer great beauty tips!

In other news my husband and I bought a car this weekend!! I'm so relieved to not have to pay more money to the rental car company!! Today I work 10am-9pm. It could quite possibly be killer, but they needed staff to cover some appointments so I volunteered to go in early... At least I get to leave early on Friday which is perfect because my parents come to visit Friday!!! YAY! Have a great Tuesday y'all!


J Crew pencil skirt: look for less

I think just about everyone has dreamed about owning a J Crew pencil skirt (no? just me? ok fine. I dream about owning a J Crew pencil skirt). Wonderful fabric, fit, and the best part - the colors!!! See it worn by other bloggers here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Target has an inspired by look for less - different material, but very similar color at a fraction of the price!!


Shopping Trip!

Husband was away for an Army weekend so Saturday I took care of some errands! After a yummy breakfast with the in laws I went to the mall. I had a return to make and intended to simply explore the other stores. ;)

Instead I came home with a couple of bags..
1. Fresh Sugar Passion Tinted Lip Treatment - this had been on my wish list for sometime. It does not disappoint! And you know I'm a self-proclaimed lip junkie!
2. Nars Blush: Orgasm - I was just about out of this! Btw it really is worth all the hype! A beautiful color that is known to look great on all skin tones and still looks great at the end of the day!
3. Chambray Shirt - I picked up a chambray shirt at Target (worn here- sold out online), but sadly it's just not the right fit. I like it ok with my trouser jeans, but somehow it's just off. I think my torso is too long or something! This one is darker (in case that was the problem) and it's longer in length!
4. Yellow Belt - I've been on the hunt! Love the price (compared to this look-a-like)! Sold out in yellow online, but check your Old Navy store!
5. Bath & Body Works Wallflowers - these are on special 4 for $20! I purchased White Palm, Spring, Lilac Blossom, and Sunrise Lagoon! I picked White Palm to try first as it's pretty neutral and not too spring-y. I'm saving Lilac Blossom for the bedroom when our current one runs out! It's lovely!

Did you make any purchases this weekend?


Wrap Bracelets

A couple of weekends ago I made my very own look for less version of the Chan Luu style wrap bracelet! In case you are not familiar with Chan Luu, these bracelets are price-y! This one retails for $245! Not kidding.
Needless to say, when I found this tutorial I was so pumped to give it a try! I consider myself to be pretty crafty, but was a little intimidated by this one. Luckily two close family friends are beading experts! We ended up using this tutorial as well. Getting started (and having all the right supplies) was the most challenging part, but once you get the hang of it, it's very easy. I wouldn't lie to you!!

Check it out!
Considering I made it for a FRACTION of the cost, I'm super happy!!
A single wrap with bigger beads (I actually started with this one!).
If the crafty bug bites, give it a try!


The Gold Standard

Good morning blog world! I woke up and immediately turned on the news to see what's going on with Irene. I hope all the coverage has encouraged people to take proper precautions! Be safe!!!

OK onto a happier, less heavy topic!
You've probably seen a lot of hype about the Michael Kors Fall 2011 line. I'm seeing images all over Pinterest, and I'm in love, especially with this beauty (are you reading this husband?! *wink wink*):
Michael Kors is such a fashion icon that if you haven't seen this stuff, you will! Here are a couple inspired by / look for less items!

Are you drooling? :)


Horseshoe Bag

Did you do a double take with the bag from Thursday's post? It just so happens to be a great look-a-like!
Yes there are differences, but hard to beat the price!

I must admit, I had never even heard of Chloe until last summer when I first discovered the wonderful world of fashion blogs via The Chloe Conspiracy. This missy has quite the collection of these bags - must be the name! Since most of us can never dream of owning such a bag, look for less it is! 

Happy Saturday!!!


SWC First Giveaway!

I have VERY exciting news! Social Work Couture is hosting our first giveaway thanks to Mimi's the Look for Less! Read below for your chance to win this bracelet shown here!

To win:
1) Become a follower of Social Work Couture with google friend connect (if you already are that counts!) AND
2) Leave a comment below stating why you want to win this lovely look-a-like bracelet!

Important Info:
1) Giveaway closes Tuesday August 2 @ midnight Eastern time.
2) The winner will be chosen by random generator.
3) Only one entry per person allowed!
4) The winner will be announced on Social Work Couture and you will have 24 hrs to send me an email, otherwise a new winner will be selected!

Good luck!!


Mimi's the Look for Less

Hello there!! Thanks to this post from The Look 4 Less, I learned about Mimi's the Look for Less online jewelry store. And by now we all now I love a good look for less find!!

For the last 6 months, perhaps, this beauty has been on the top of my lust list. Due to the crazy expensive price tag it quickly became a "maybe when I'm 40 I'll have enough money and can rationalize spending this kind of money" item. Time will tell.

In the meantime (although smaller in diameter than the 7mm one above), I have my very own look-alike, thanks to Mimi's!
The best part? The price. For real. 12 dolla! Not even kidding! Buy it here.

By the way, the owner, Evan, is the sweetest- she and her mom started this company when the economy took a turn, and now you too can have fancy jewelry for less! Way to go Evan! Please check out their website (also love these earrings, this bracelet, this bracelet, and these earrings!)

Here's the David Yurman version:
Unbefreakinlievable! Right?

I am so excited to layer it with my other bracelets! Check back for an outfit post soon, along with a new necklace from Mimi's!


Seeing double?

The other day I went to Old Navy to try on this and this (wasn't impressed with either and left without buying anything!). While in the store, I caught a glimpse of their sandals, and I was struck by the look for less quality! Definitely some differences, and comfort is unknown, but I'm still impressed by their similarities!

Check it out!

1. Sam Edelman 'Gigi' Sandal - $59.95

Do you think Look for Less finds are as fun as I do???


Makeup time!

I can be pretty snobby when it comes to my beauty products, as my husband will attest. Granted we're just babies in the marriage department (a little over a year!) but he has told me more than once if he added up all the money I spent on beauty products in a year he could buy something pretty cool with that money (whatever babe!). Well folks, not that I'm officially turning over a new leaf, but I have some good drug store beauty products to share with you!! And when they're good, and less expensive.. why not?

This past winter I received what I feel is my holy grail of eye shadow: Urban Decay's Naked palette.
Its price tag is around $48 for 12 eye shadows. Insane, right? Well it's wonderful, and Santa brought it to me, so no feelings of guilt here! :) Here's the problem, I'm especially in love with one of the colors "sin" (the second from the left) and to buy it individually it's $17!
Determined to find a look for less I went to the drug store and picked up an eye shadow that does a pretty good job in matching color - Loreal 101 Satin Tutu. While unfortunately I notice a slight difference in its staying power (turns out sometimes you do get what you pay for) and concentration (I  have to apply multiple coats for the same effect) the color is surprisingly similar and at a much more affordable price point! Try this color on the lid paired with a lighter color on the brow bone, or all over for an easy, effortless summer shimmer!

My second find is a lip balm/ gloss. I can't remember where I first heard of Covergirl's NatureLuxe gloss balm (perhaps a magazine?) but it's yummy! It's nice and light, but has enough pigment to matter. I'm really bad about reapplying lipstick, so I need something that will fade subtly over the day and not leave weird stains. The color I have is 230 coral, which is a nice way to jazz up my lip color! An added bonus, this balm has SPF 15 and is incredibly moisturizing!
Last but not least - a nail polish. I learned of this color over at Kendi Everyday in this post (if you're not familiar with Kendi's blog - go check it out right now! So jealous of fashion bloggers with photographer husbands!). The color is Revlon's Top Speed 405 Peachy. I think it's a great light peach color that is hard to resist! Right now I love a soft color on fingernails and a more bold color on toenails! This does just that. I'm surprisingly impressed with how speedy it dried as well! Good job Revlon!
Have you discovered any beauty products you have to share? Let us know!


Black Tank Maxi Dress: Look for Less

I get very excited (and angered at the same time!) when I see a very expensive item in one store and a nearly identical item for much, much less somewhere else. I wonder how someone can charge an extra $59.90 for just about the same thing!

My latest look for less find:

I went to Target to try to find this dress, but did not have any luck! Will be checking another Target next week!

Just created a new page for the blog: Things Our Clients Say - give us some time and check back for humorous quotes and client stories (anonymity kept, of course!).

P.S. Take a look at this blog for other look for less finds!


Quilted Handbag Look for Less

Y'all - I've been a crazy person on a purse hunt for probably the last... 5 months?? I think this purse obsession started from post after beautiful post from Anh @ 9 to 5 Chic with her gorgeous Chanel, handbags! J-e-a-l-o-u-s.

It's no wonder I got it in my head that I would find a good look for less! Along the way, I found a few options, but they were still out of my price range! Fortunately the mad hunt has come to an end, and like any good fashion blogger I want to share my findings with you!

The beauty that started it all..
Vintage Chanel Double Chain Bag - $2,800
More reasonable beauties, but still out of this girl's budget:

1. MARC JACOBS 'The Single' Quilted Crossbody Bag - $525 *Oh how I love this one!!* 

I now present to you reasonably priced bags with a similar, inspired-by feel!
4. Quilted Clutch - $24.80

I think a black, classic, lady-like purse is a staple! No need to have multiple evening handbags, when one can do it all! 

Do you have a go to evening bag? What does it look like? Share below in the comments!