Social Work FAQ

Not too long ago we got an email from a new social worker asking some questions about... social work! Made our week! Since there are a lot of misconceptions out there it only makes sense to create a FAQ page. Feel free to email us at socialworkcouture{at}gmail{dot}com for any other questions you'd like to see answered! 

Q. Are there shoes that shouldn't be worn?
A. Tina: Consider your audience. When I was an intern in the county jail it was important to wear closed toe shoes because there was a guy with a foot fetish! Gross! I'm also a comfort girl - for me, there is no sense in being uncomfortable especially if you have to be on your feet all day / walking from one end of the hospital to another. 

Q. What is an example of an appropriate meeting outfit?
A. Tina: Again - consider your audience! You never want to feel uncomfortable or worry if your skirt / top is too revealing. Layers are a good thing just in case it's chilly! When in doubt, dress up until you get the feel for what other people are wearing!

Q. What about house visits?
A. Tina: In my current job, we deal with bed bug (again - gross!). It's important that I wear clothes that are washable so if there is an encounter I can wash those suckers right away!! I'm not a smoker, and smoke seems to latch onto my clothes and not leave, so this is another reason to wear washable clothes! 

Q. Appropriate clothing for interviews?
A. Tina: Personally I'm a fan of the standard suit. While this is likely over dressing for a typical day at the agency, you want to make a good impression and show that you are serious about the job! 

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Deona Hooper said...

I want to say that I love the your blog. Believe, it our there are safety class that we take at DSS on What not Wear. I am the founder of, and I would love for you to dual post your blog in the Community blog post. I believe it would help expand your readership and you can direct link to your blog. Hope you take a look.