Makeup time!

I can be pretty snobby when it comes to my beauty products, as my husband will attest. Granted we're just babies in the marriage department (a little over a year!) but he has told me more than once if he added up all the money I spent on beauty products in a year he could buy something pretty cool with that money (whatever babe!). Well folks, not that I'm officially turning over a new leaf, but I have some good drug store beauty products to share with you!! And when they're good, and less expensive.. why not?

This past winter I received what I feel is my holy grail of eye shadow: Urban Decay's Naked palette.
Its price tag is around $48 for 12 eye shadows. Insane, right? Well it's wonderful, and Santa brought it to me, so no feelings of guilt here! :) Here's the problem, I'm especially in love with one of the colors "sin" (the second from the left) and to buy it individually it's $17!
Determined to find a look for less I went to the drug store and picked up an eye shadow that does a pretty good job in matching color - Loreal 101 Satin Tutu. While unfortunately I notice a slight difference in its staying power (turns out sometimes you do get what you pay for) and concentration (I  have to apply multiple coats for the same effect) the color is surprisingly similar and at a much more affordable price point! Try this color on the lid paired with a lighter color on the brow bone, or all over for an easy, effortless summer shimmer!

My second find is a lip balm/ gloss. I can't remember where I first heard of Covergirl's NatureLuxe gloss balm (perhaps a magazine?) but it's yummy! It's nice and light, but has enough pigment to matter. I'm really bad about reapplying lipstick, so I need something that will fade subtly over the day and not leave weird stains. The color I have is 230 coral, which is a nice way to jazz up my lip color! An added bonus, this balm has SPF 15 and is incredibly moisturizing!
Last but not least - a nail polish. I learned of this color over at Kendi Everyday in this post (if you're not familiar with Kendi's blog - go check it out right now! So jealous of fashion bloggers with photographer husbands!). The color is Revlon's Top Speed 405 Peachy. I think it's a great light peach color that is hard to resist! Right now I love a soft color on fingernails and a more bold color on toenails! This does just that. I'm surprisingly impressed with how speedy it dried as well! Good job Revlon!
Have you discovered any beauty products you have to share? Let us know!

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