Amazing Ily Couture Offer!!

Confession. I was basically over the bubble statement necklaces that have been everywhere because for one, they are everywhere and two, they cost $50 (or $150 @ J Crew!)!! Not gonna happen.

That is UNTIL I check my email this morning and see that MMandLShow uploaded a new video offering these Ily Couture necklaces for $15!! Shut the front door. No really! This is crazy!!
You have to like Michelle's page on facebook and enter the offer code and voila! Check out the video for more details.
So yeah. Maybe you're not completely over these either? It's just too good of an offer not to share! Good luck deciding on a color! So many options!!

P.S. If you haven't been watching MMandL yet, you need to! Not only are they hilarious but they offer great beauty tips!

In other news my husband and I bought a car this weekend!! I'm so relieved to not have to pay more money to the rental car company!! Today I work 10am-9pm. It could quite possibly be killer, but they needed staff to cover some appointments so I volunteered to go in early... At least I get to leave early on Friday which is perfect because my parents come to visit Friday!!! YAY! Have a great Tuesday y'all!

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Tarabelle said...

Oh man. I'm with ya here. I may have to be "un-over" the bubble necklace trend. Thanks for the great find!