Mimi's the Look for Less

Hello there!! Thanks to this post from The Look 4 Less, I learned about Mimi's the Look for Less online jewelry store. And by now we all now I love a good look for less find!!

For the last 6 months, perhaps, this beauty has been on the top of my lust list. Due to the crazy expensive price tag it quickly became a "maybe when I'm 40 I'll have enough money and can rationalize spending this kind of money" item. Time will tell.

In the meantime (although smaller in diameter than the 7mm one above), I have my very own look-alike, thanks to Mimi's!
The best part? The price. For real. 12 dolla! Not even kidding! Buy it here.

By the way, the owner, Evan, is the sweetest- she and her mom started this company when the economy took a turn, and now you too can have fancy jewelry for less! Way to go Evan! Please check out their website (also love these earrings, this bracelet, this bracelet, and these earrings!)

Here's the David Yurman version:
Unbefreakinlievable! Right?

I am so excited to layer it with my other bracelets! Check back for an outfit post soon, along with a new necklace from Mimi's!

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