Good ol' color wheel

After seeing this post from the AcademiChic blog, and this post on spring color pairings on the Charming Charlie blog (see images below), I knew I was onto something good. No "new" material here, just using what I've found to refresh my memory (potentially yours too!) on the color wheel. Figured this would be the perfect follow up to all the honeysuckle jazz, and inspiration for creating new and interesting outfits! I know I could use a little outfit inspiration!

The color wheel, AcademiChic style:
How cool is this color wheel?
Unexpected color combinations for Spring c/o Charming Charlie:

OK- so color theory. Honestly, I'm a social worker - remember? and the last art class I took was probably in high school. Fortunately AcademiChic has 4 modules of awesomeness for you to review so I'm not reinventing...the wheel (HAH!) by teaching you color theory. I promise it's worth looking at!

-Session 1: Neutrals and Neutrals with a Pop
-Session 2: Complementary Colors and the Two-Thirds Rule
-Session 3: Triads and Analogous Colors
-Session 4: Monochrome and Split Complementary Color Combinations

The challenge: based on what you've learned / relearned, take a look at the color wheel and create a new outfit based on items you already have! I'm going to give it a try, as well!


the honeysuckle finale

Part 5 - accessories! Just a few of the amazing finds out there!
6. wild daisy bead ring - $4.80 

1. floral infinity scarf - $20.93 on sale!
2. sunglasses - $5.80
3. Feeling hot, hot, hot! -$2.80 on sale!
4. square-ring wristlet -$15.90
5. skinny leather bow belt - $24.50
6. pink bracelet watch - $34.48

1. sanai rosette ballet flats - $13.98 on sale!
2. canvas cone heels - $22.80
3. rubber rain boots - $29.50
4. the patent city flat - $29.50

...and I'm spent! No more honeysuckle - for awhile! ;) Happy Friday everyone!


Spring sweaters, honeysuckle style!

Have you found any favorites in the week of honeysuckle so far? Today I give you part 4 - sweaters.
1. gathered pintuck sweater - $44.50 on sale!
2. forever cotton cardigan - $69.60
3. enamel button cardigan - $39.50
4. flower applique cardigan - $46.95
5. floral print chelsea - $46.95
6. london sweater - $29.90
7. v-neck shirred top - $26.95
8. lightweight scoop-neck sweater - $22.50
9. cotton cashmere sweater - $49.50

Tomorrow concludes our series with accessories!

WaVy WaVy

I have been pining over Sally Hershberger's Style Primer.  I have naturally wavy hair, but sometimes it won't stay wavy during the day.  And then I end up looking like a I need to invest in a brush, rather than this product!  I've been doing some research and this product has insanely awesome reviews. I found on Sally Hershberger's website that she teaches you how to use the product.  Even though Sally is a celebrity stylist, her prices are so reasonable.  This product is $12 and you can bet I will be buying it on pay day :)  Product review and picture to follow....


Honeysuckle Home

Part 3 -Just in case you feel inspired to incorporate honeysuckle in your home? This was the most challenging and likely the most unrealistic! I do much better with clothes and accessories, but needed a 5th day for the series! Voila!
5. Pink Loofah


Twice as nice

Of all that I found in the honeysuckle shade, I think I am most excited about this set! Since my dress findings yesterday weren't super exciting, I'm jumping ahead! Check back the rest of the week for a sweater, accessories and home decor post - all honeysuckle inspired!

Today, I present to you Honeysuckle - part 2: tops! 

Can you tell how ready for spring I am? I do realize we're not even in February yet..
3. drape front top - $34.50
6. ruffle tee - $44.90
8. ruffled-sleeve top - $29.90


Honeysuckle - part 1

Here are a couple of dresses that have a similar feel (I realize not quite exact.. these are a little more coral, perhaps?) to the 2011 Pantone color of the year!

What a pretty color for a spring wedding!


Charmed, I'm Sure

I've just recently started to wear my childhood charm bracelet again.  It's from circa 1994 AND it still fits :)  There are a few empty links waiting to be filled.  For the holidays, my sweetheart bought me a new charm, it's been maybe 13 years since the last charm. The charm is a different style and look from the rest of the bracelet and I'm really feeling it!  I'm all about putting some charms on my wish lists for upcoming events!

Pandora charm bracelets (image to the right) have become a popular trend.  I'm just not into it.  All my charms have stories and represent who I am.  I don't get that personalization from Pandora, though the bracelets are tres cute.  I have a  James Avery charm bracelet and when I put it on (along with my ID bracelet, engraved on the inside from my grandparents, given to me on my 16th birthday) every morning, it makes me smile.  This feeling trumps fashion trends :) 

So this post is a call to bring something back that maybe isn't "in style" anymore and ROCK it none the less!  I'm feeling like deviating from the trends at the moment. What will your item be?

My charm bracelet and ID bracelet in all their glory:

P.S.  Shout out to my husband, who diligently reads this blog, wants to talk about the things being written and tells me every morning that I look fashionable and should post my outfit on the blog :)  Thank you for always supporting all my random endeavors to the fullest.  Love you GSH! 

Pantone 2011 Color of the Year

Have you heard, the 2011 color of the year is Honeysuckle!?

This week Social Work Couture brings you a week of ways to incorporate honeysuckle into your wardrobe and home!

I'll admit that I just learned about this color of the year business, but turns out this stuff is for real, based on how much I'm seeing it in stores!

P.S. In case you were wondering, the color last year was turquoise!


Quilted Handbag Look for Less

Y'all - I've been a crazy person on a purse hunt for probably the last... 5 months?? I think this purse obsession started from post after beautiful post from Anh @ 9 to 5 Chic with her gorgeous Chanel handbag..er, handbags! J-e-a-l-o-u-s.

It's no wonder I got it in my head that I would find a good look for less! Along the way, I found a few options, but they were still out of my price range! Fortunately the mad hunt has come to an end, and like any good fashion blogger I want to share my findings with you!

The beauty that started it all..
Vintage Chanel Double Chain Bag - $2,800
More reasonable beauties, but still out of this girl's budget:

1. MARC JACOBS 'The Single' Quilted Crossbody Bag - $525 *Oh how I love this one!!* 

I now present to you reasonably priced bags with a similar, inspired-by feel!
4. Quilted Clutch - $24.80

I think a black, classic, lady-like purse is a staple! No need to have multiple evening handbags, when one can do it all! 

Do you have a go to evening bag? What does it look like? Share below in the comments!

Flower Power

This spring I'm loving the idea of purchasing a floral scarf! I wear so many solid clothes, and think a print scarf would quickly and easily jazz up my outfits! As we get closer to spring, I'm sure there will be many more flower scarf options to choose from, but this is what I've found so far:

1. Floral Bauble Scarf - $24.50
2. Ditsy Print Scarf - $12.50
3. Flashback Flowers Silk Blend Scarf - $14.99
4. Floral Scarf - $24.50
5. Floral Trimmed Woven Scarf - $7.90
6. Groovy Flowers Scarf - $34.50
7. Simply Vera Vera Wang Botanica Scarf - $30.00
8. Elegant Rose Scarf - $34.50
9. Rose Scarf - $24.50


Merona Trapunto Dress

This time of year is pretty exciting because everyone is just about sick of the snow and cold weather, but the fashion world is quickly gearing up for spring! I love "window shopping" online and looking at all the fun new spring pieces! It really helps me get over my winter funk!

Today I spent some time looking at Target and was so excited when I came across this dress! It seems like the last 3 (at least!?) spring collections have included this dress or something very, very close! I have a version of this dress in a royal blue from at least 3 years ago? I'm not even sure how old it is! I love it though because for some reason it is the easiest thing to add pieces to and get a completely different look! Some pieces are just easier to wear than others, ya know?

Trust me, if you like how this dress fits, it will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe! It's dressy enough for work (for most places!) and casual enough that it's perfect for the weekend, a girls lunch, a bbq, or even as a swim suit cover up if you wish! OK I may be day dreaming about warmer weather activities here..FOCUS!

Here are the 4 colors this year, in addition to brown ("Spanish Brown") and black ("Ebony"):
Swimmers Blue, Haywire Purple, Aqua, & Cactus Green
Styling suggestions:
A typical rule of thumb I try to follow - if a dress comes with a belt - don't use it as a belt. Maybe that's me being snobby, but generally speaking the item will like SO much better if you use your own belt with it! One way to make use of that extra piece of fabric (if you just hate to throw away a good piece of.. belt?) is to wear it as a headband or make it into a bracelet - heck, use it to decorate a present - just don't use it as a belt... you can do better!

This dress pairs really nicely with leggings, boots and a sweater during the cooler temperatures! Also try wearing a long sleeve shirt under it, or even a button up! With the scoop neck, there is just enough room for a collar to peek out, and it's cute!

Want one more reason why you should check out this dress? It's $24.99 people! Whether you go for a neutral brown or black, or one of the fun colors, at least give it a try! Every time I wear mine I get compliments and people are shocked  that it came from Target.

Have I won you over? Let us know if you try it on and what you think!

P.S. If I seem a little unusually sarcastic and enthusiastic, I blame it on Fashion Police - I watched it for the first time last night (I know!) and loved Joan's take no prisoners attitude!



Denim on denim is baaaack. And I kinda want to run for the hills! I just have bad visions of the "Canadian tuxedo" that was rocked in the 90's and really boxy jean jackets! I'm telling you, it doesn't have to be that way.

Here are some runway shots of this denim trend for Spring 2011.
Need more real-life inspiration? Check out these blogger's looks with denim chambray shirts.
What Would a Nerd Wear
Good Life For Less
The Daybook
What do you think? Obviously not all of the pictures show denim on denim.. but what a great variety of ways to wear a denim shirt! ...And truthfully, the light denim shirt with dark jeans actually looks... pretty cute! I'm no longer as scared!

If you're thinking "I've got to get a denim chambray shirt!"... I've found a few options for you!

1) Denim button up - $22.80
2) Denim shirt - $59.50
3) Denim boyfriend shirt - $19.80
4) Chambray boyfriend shirt - $44.50
5) Pintucked tunic - $26.50
6) Chambray tuxedo shirt -$29.99 on sale!

Other denim shirt options: here, here, here, here, here, and here!

Clearly you can find these shirts just about anywhere in a price that will meet your budget!


Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2011 breakdown.. according to Tina!

Best Dressed - for me this goes to the stunning Anne Hathaway. I love everything about her look - the dress looks great on her and her hair looks fab!

Honorable mention goes to Carrie Underwood!

My favorite red carpet trends: emerald green, one strap, pink & black!

My favorite is definitely the emerald green (and Mila Kunis!):
Angelina & Mila Kunis
Elizabeth Moss & Catherine Zeta Jones
One strap wonders:
Amy Adams, Julie Bowen, Mandy Moore, & Julia Stiles
Pretty Pinks:
Claire Danes, Emma Stone, & Lea Michele
Stunning in Black:
Eva Longoria & Piper Perabo
The princess award goes to:
Olivia Wilde
On to the bad news..

For me, the worst of the worst is Helena Bonham Carter. I get that she is "creative" and "having fun".. but seriously? The hair, the dress, the shoes, the attitude! Not a fan.

Second worse for me is Tilda Swinton:

These numbers I was just confused about.. not loving, not extremely hating (I know I'm going to get crap for putting January Jones into this category - I just don't love it):
Natalie Portman, January Jones, Christina Aguilera, & Michelle Williams

I don't know if you all noticed this too, but there were a few ladies with insanely high slits that got dangerously close to showing off lady parts! I'm serious! The coochy offenders:
Halle Berry & Megan Fox
Who caught your eye??


Are you watching???

Stay tuned for one, or a couple posts on our favorite picks!


I have new item on my wish list: BOOTIGHTS!! I saw bootights on Oprah last week (via DVR!) as she was introducing some new, must-have, 2011 items.  Bootights have socks attached to the tights, so you dont have to put on tights and then socks.  The socks are wiked, which keeps your foot dry and less stinky :)  I don't usually get runs in my tights, but I always make a toe-hole in my tights (which is sooo annoying to throw away perfectly good tights!). 

There are all types of tight designs : argyle, herringbone (seen here), opaque, cableknit, pin stripe and even fishnet!  The colors that can be found are black and grey. You can even choose sock length depending on your boot height.  However, I predict that with an endorsement from Oprah, this company will begin to expand their products. The bootights cost around $30 and stores are even starting to sell them.  You can look and see where they are in your own state.

I wear tights and socks quite a bit during the week since I am out in the community, seeing clients, and it is COLD right now.  I think this product would be a very practical addition to my wardrobe.  I might have to get a pair and have a product review post :) Do you think bootights would be a good addition to your wardrobe??


Braid power!

If y'all haven't noticed the popular side braid style yet - you will after this post! It's everywhere (and has been for sometime), including my most recent copy of In Style magazine (thanks hubs, great Christmas gift!).

I immediately thought of Claire when I saw the article in my magazine! She flawlessly sported the braid during grad school and I definitely think she could rock this side braid look - if she hasn't already!?!

Here are some pictures of celebrities sporting this style!

Thanks to Hairstyles for All and styles for long hair for the pics!

Last night I tried it out and I would need many, many bobby pins to make it work! I'm always looking for cute looks for lazy hair days (everyday? haha.), so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on the side braid??