Good ol' color wheel

After seeing this post from the AcademiChic blog, and this post on spring color pairings on the Charming Charlie blog (see images below), I knew I was onto something good. No "new" material here, just using what I've found to refresh my memory (potentially yours too!) on the color wheel. Figured this would be the perfect follow up to all the honeysuckle jazz, and inspiration for creating new and interesting outfits! I know I could use a little outfit inspiration!

The color wheel, AcademiChic style:
How cool is this color wheel?
Unexpected color combinations for Spring c/o Charming Charlie:

OK- so color theory. Honestly, I'm a social worker - remember? and the last art class I took was probably in high school. Fortunately AcademiChic has 4 modules of awesomeness for you to review so I'm not reinventing...the wheel (HAH!) by teaching you color theory. I promise it's worth looking at!

-Session 1: Neutrals and Neutrals with a Pop
-Session 2: Complementary Colors and the Two-Thirds Rule
-Session 3: Triads and Analogous Colors
-Session 4: Monochrome and Split Complementary Color Combinations

The challenge: based on what you've learned / relearned, take a look at the color wheel and create a new outfit based on items you already have! I'm going to give it a try, as well!

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