I have new item on my wish list: BOOTIGHTS!! I saw bootights on Oprah last week (via DVR!) as she was introducing some new, must-have, 2011 items.  Bootights have socks attached to the tights, so you dont have to put on tights and then socks.  The socks are wiked, which keeps your foot dry and less stinky :)  I don't usually get runs in my tights, but I always make a toe-hole in my tights (which is sooo annoying to throw away perfectly good tights!). 

There are all types of tight designs : argyle, herringbone (seen here), opaque, cableknit, pin stripe and even fishnet!  The colors that can be found are black and grey. You can even choose sock length depending on your boot height.  However, I predict that with an endorsement from Oprah, this company will begin to expand their products. The bootights cost around $30 and stores are even starting to sell them.  You can look and see where they are in your own state.

I wear tights and socks quite a bit during the week since I am out in the community, seeing clients, and it is COLD right now.  I think this product would be a very practical addition to my wardrobe.  I might have to get a pair and have a product review post :) Do you think bootights would be a good addition to your wardrobe??

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Tina said...

how interesting!! Have not heard of these! Great find Claire! Will definitely check out / wait for Target to inevitably come out with their less expensive version!