Charmed, I'm Sure

I've just recently started to wear my childhood charm bracelet again.  It's from circa 1994 AND it still fits :)  There are a few empty links waiting to be filled.  For the holidays, my sweetheart bought me a new charm, it's been maybe 13 years since the last charm. The charm is a different style and look from the rest of the bracelet and I'm really feeling it!  I'm all about putting some charms on my wish lists for upcoming events!

Pandora charm bracelets (image to the right) have become a popular trend.  I'm just not into it.  All my charms have stories and represent who I am.  I don't get that personalization from Pandora, though the bracelets are tres cute.  I have a  James Avery charm bracelet and when I put it on (along with my ID bracelet, engraved on the inside from my grandparents, given to me on my 16th birthday) every morning, it makes me smile.  This feeling trumps fashion trends :) 

So this post is a call to bring something back that maybe isn't "in style" anymore and ROCK it none the less!  I'm feeling like deviating from the trends at the moment. What will your item be?

My charm bracelet and ID bracelet in all their glory:

P.S.  Shout out to my husband, who diligently reads this blog, wants to talk about the things being written and tells me every morning that I look fashionable and should post my outfit on the blog :)  Thank you for always supporting all my random endeavors to the fullest.  Love you GSH! 

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Tina said...

You've inspired me! I'm getting out some of my old jewelry and rocking it this week! Nice work!