Braid power!

If y'all haven't noticed the popular side braid style yet - you will after this post! It's everywhere (and has been for sometime), including my most recent copy of In Style magazine (thanks hubs, great Christmas gift!).

I immediately thought of Claire when I saw the article in my magazine! She flawlessly sported the braid during grad school and I definitely think she could rock this side braid look - if she hasn't already!?!

Here are some pictures of celebrities sporting this style!

Thanks to Hairstyles for All and styles for long hair for the pics!

Last night I tried it out and I would need many, many bobby pins to make it work! I'm always looking for cute looks for lazy hair days (everyday? haha.), so stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on the side braid??

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Claire said...

I've been trying to work on my signature braid, but my hair is a little shorter and more layered than it was in grad school...so when I come up with a new short-hair braid I'll have to post a pic :) Thanks for the shout out!