Merona Trapunto Dress

This time of year is pretty exciting because everyone is just about sick of the snow and cold weather, but the fashion world is quickly gearing up for spring! I love "window shopping" online and looking at all the fun new spring pieces! It really helps me get over my winter funk!

Today I spent some time looking at Target and was so excited when I came across this dress! It seems like the last 3 (at least!?) spring collections have included this dress or something very, very close! I have a version of this dress in a royal blue from at least 3 years ago? I'm not even sure how old it is! I love it though because for some reason it is the easiest thing to add pieces to and get a completely different look! Some pieces are just easier to wear than others, ya know?

Trust me, if you like how this dress fits, it will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe! It's dressy enough for work (for most places!) and casual enough that it's perfect for the weekend, a girls lunch, a bbq, or even as a swim suit cover up if you wish! OK I may be day dreaming about warmer weather activities here..FOCUS!

Here are the 4 colors this year, in addition to brown ("Spanish Brown") and black ("Ebony"):
Swimmers Blue, Haywire Purple, Aqua, & Cactus Green
Styling suggestions:
A typical rule of thumb I try to follow - if a dress comes with a belt - don't use it as a belt. Maybe that's me being snobby, but generally speaking the item will like SO much better if you use your own belt with it! One way to make use of that extra piece of fabric (if you just hate to throw away a good piece of.. belt?) is to wear it as a headband or make it into a bracelet - heck, use it to decorate a present - just don't use it as a belt... you can do better!

This dress pairs really nicely with leggings, boots and a sweater during the cooler temperatures! Also try wearing a long sleeve shirt under it, or even a button up! With the scoop neck, there is just enough room for a collar to peek out, and it's cute!

Want one more reason why you should check out this dress? It's $24.99 people! Whether you go for a neutral brown or black, or one of the fun colors, at least give it a try! Every time I wear mine I get compliments and people are shocked  that it came from Target.

Have I won you over? Let us know if you try it on and what you think!

P.S. If I seem a little unusually sarcastic and enthusiastic, I blame it on Fashion Police - I watched it for the first time last night (I know!) and loved Joan's take no prisoners attitude!

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