Nail polish success!

You don't know this, but I've been on the hunt for OPI's Rally Pretty Pink ever since this post. I went to two different Ulta stores and no love. I was this close to buying it online! Seriously.

Yesterday, however I FOUND IT at Kroger!!! For whatever reason (clearly they didn't ask my opinion on this) the color comes packaged with red shatter. I just don't see these together.
Anyway, being the mad woman, I got it anyway - I mean maybe I'll use the red shatter.. sometime. Kroger also had the full Miss Universe collection that Claire posted about here. I was struck by how similar Rally Pretty Pink and It's My Year were! I hesitated and almost went with It's My Year, but resisted! 
Naturally, I came home and looked online to see if I made the right decision. Did you know people have blogs solely devoted to nail polish? It's true!! (And I would highly recommend google imaging a nail polish color before purchasing so you can see it in real life - well, on someones nail instead of in the bottle!) 

I found a comparison of these two colors (here) and I'm glad I went with my mad woman gut and got Rally Pretty Pink!
As you can see, Rally Pretty Pink (RPP) is more of a pinkish gold and It's My Year (IMY) has more purple hues! Both very pretty!

Have you bought any new nail polish recently??

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Martha said...

i think they packaged it with Red shatter because they realized no one is buying it otherwise. Sort of a way to get rid of it. Shatter is a very strange look I think!