$13 skirt

Today I finally busted out my $13 skirt! We had a department meeting this morning and I'm always more mindful of what I wear on meeting days especially. Do you dress up more on certain days?

The fabric is certainly bold, but I enjoy it! Just not sure how often I'll feel I can wear it without wondering if people are thinking, "Oh that's the skirt she wore the other day." Do you ever have those thoughts? (Maybe I'm just vain.) These worries are typically why I don't gravitate to bold prints! Alas! $13.

 The details - top and skirt: Target clearance, belt: H&M, shoes: Sofft (similar, also similar-ish)

Other than the excitement over wearing my new skirt (and nail polish!), today was pretty much a bummer. Things at work haven been stressful and chaotic, and my growing to do list (both work and personal) doesn't help either! Thankfully, tomorrow is a new day and I have something exciting planned that I can't wait to share!

Hoping you had a stress-free day! (Is this possible in the world of social work?!)


heidi said...

i love that skirt! what a great print! i know what you mean, though, i recently wore a merona skirt with a pretty bold print and feel like i need to wait quite a while before wearing it again... which is a shame because i can't wait to wear it again.

today i went to a CEU presentation on fried social workers! we've all been there but here's to hoping you have a stress-free day tomorrow!

Kristen said...

Great skirt! I have no reservations about bold prints (...although maybe I should), but I do get nervous mixing, say, a cognac belt and black shoes like you did here. You pulled it off beautifully, though! Hope the outfit gave you a good confidence boost on what sounds like a crazy day!

Tina said...

@Heidi - I'm so curious about this presentation! Our organization is in great need of a similar presentation! Would love to hear more!

@Kristen - Thanks for the extra confidence in bold prints! The shoes are actually a chocolate brown - but they totally look black in the picture! I was actually surprised! One of the benefits of taking outfit pictures - you can really see what you look like! HAH!