Big Changes

I made a big change on Friday....I got bangs.  Then I proceeded to cry for the rest of the day!  It was just such a huge change for me.  Well now I've had some time to get used to them.  I wore them to the side on Monday and decided to wear them straight across today.  Here is a picture...excuse the quality, I took it on my phone! Have you taken any hair risks lately?  How did you feel after the deed was done?

Also, I had some time yesterday to play on Pinterest for the first time.  If you haven't tried it out yet, you should.  It's pretty easy to figure out and so creative.  I have boards labled "My style," "Hair," "Nails," "Boxers" (are you surprised?!) and many more!  Let Tina or me know if you want an invite and we'll follow you :)

I am co-leading a group tonight, so I am going in a little late to work today.  I'm gathering the strength to make it through the day!  I went to the Dr. on Monday morning and after some tests, was told I had walking pneumonia.  I had been feeling sick towards the end of my Ecuador trip and was pretty sure it was due to a double ear infection.  As one of my volunteer's says, "I only play a doctor on TV!"  Serves me right for trying to diagnose myself.  I was told I was highly contagious and out of work until today, when the antibiotics have kicked in.  Hence the time for Pinterest yesterday.  I feel like I have a little cold, but the antibiotics are making me feel much worse.  I just pray I have a "typical" day today and am trying to have a positive attitude!  It stinks going to work when you feel gross.  Any tips to make my day a little better? 

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