Urge to Shop

Do y'all ever wake up and have this feeling that you just have to go shopping? For me it kind of builds up and this morning it was like I WANT, I WANT, I WANT! To tame the beast I'm sharing with you! We'll see if this will control my shopping urge!

My random assortment of items I'd go out and buy right now if I had money...and the mall was open!
1. H&M Camel Blazer - $59.95
2. Gap Wide Leg Trouser - $52.46 on sale!
3. Express Scoop-Neck Dolman Tee - $19.90 on sale!
7. Chanel Peridot - $28.99 - the newest color for fall according to InStyle!
8. OPI Rally Pretty Pink - $7.68 - discovered this beauty here.

*I haven't used these products before, but would love to give them a try! Have you tried these? My current eye makeup remover is Mary Kay, and I love it, but it's just not as easy to pick up as going to CVS! I'm sure I'll impulse-buy these next time I'm at the store!

Can you tell I'm itching for fall? The temps have been so, so hot here in the Midwest as I know they have been everywhere! Just thankful we aren't seeing 130 degrees like my honey. Poor guy!!

What's on your shopping wish list??


Martha said...

Corduroy Toms?!?! Love them! Do you kmow what other colors they come in? I believe it is our "duty" to put shoes on other people. Let's go buy some and do our "duty"!

Tina said...

You can check out new arrivals at Toms: Here! They also have tweed, plaid and herringbone!

my soul is the sky said...

I completely understand your shopping crave! I get it all the time :) I want those gap jeans like crazy and that leopard belt you picked is gorgeous

Tina said...

@ my soul is the sky - I just happened to find myself at the mall yesterday and Gap did NOT have those jeans!! So before you obsession gets worse and you can't get them check it out :) .. I may have ordered a pair online! Hope they fit and I LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

I got a similar belt at The Limited for $10! It was quite a steal.