My New Makeup

Tina and I were talking a few weeks ago about makeup.  I was telling her that I had just gotten some new eye make-up and was loving it...this convo all came around because of her post.  So what did Tina say "you should blog about it!"  Here I am letting you know about my inexpensive eye makeup regiment (All of these products for about $25!!).

First let me preface, I don't like wearing a lot of makeup and this is more than usual for me.  I tend to focus on my eyes.  My reasoning for wearing more especially through this brutally hot southern summer, I'm just needing a change!! 

1. I use a flat brush to apply Almay Nearly Naked Loose Powder in Light (or whatever matches your skin color the best) on my eyebrow and brow bone.

2. Then I use Revlon's Eye Illuminance Crème Shadow in Copper Canyon.I take my finger and dab it in the white shimmery color and rub it all over my eyelid and brow bone.  Make sure it is even.

3. Then I use another color in the palette to put on my eye lid (I tend to use the rose color, but I have used all of them, even the blue and they look awesome!)  I grab the same flat brush I was using in #1 and apply what ever color I chose to wear that day.  I apply the color to the eyelid crease then use the brush to shade the color down.  Then I use my finger to blend.

4.  Then I take my eyeliner and apply it to my top eyelid only.  I use Almay Intense Eye Color in Brown Topaz (it's supposed to bring out blue eyes)  though I think a brown eyeliner would work perfectly.  

5.  I take the flat brush and brush it over my eyeliner to make it look blended.

6. To keep everything in place I brush the loose powder over my eyelid with the flat brush.

7.  Finally, I use an eyelash curler and apply Almay's One Coat Dial-Up Mascara (which I just started using and love).

It usually takes me 10min to apply my makeup which is great because I tend to be rushed in the morning :)

Tina asked if the makeup ended up the creases of my eyelid at the end of the day.  And it does not.  I think it holds up pretty well, even through my post-work workout.  I tend to use Almay products because I am prone to eye allergies/infections.  I've had less issues with these products, but anything similar will work great as well. Let me know what you think!  

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