Is this real life??

Hi there! Please excuse my recent absence. BTW I wouldn't think it will get better the next couple of days either, but a post to catch you up and explain - a "real life" type blog post today!

I have very exciting news for you, readers! My husband is home on R&R from Iraq! It had been a long, challenging 6 months since we last saw each other (he got 3 days @ Christmas) and now he is home!! We get 2 full weeks together! I believe the last time we had this much consecutive time together was on our honeymoon! Ah, the military lifestyle! Not so glamorous, but what can ya do? ..Love and appreciate your soldier! :)

It's a sleepy kind of morning - it's raining outside (or was) and I'm drinking coffee and getting caught up on some of my favorite blogs (and blogging of course!) while husband plays video games! Even though we're doing our own thing it's really, really nice to be on the same couch and know that I can sneak a few kisses if I want!

I have a few (ok 11!) pictures to share of our adventures thus far - although sadly most are pretty blurry!
 At the airport! I blame my tears and excitement for the quality of this photo! 
 Cat reunion! (Say hi to Fiv!) I was nervous how the cats woulds respond to him, but it was a reunion of old friends. Very sweet!
 Before dinner the first night! :)
 So nice to enjoy happy hour with my man after work! (He came home on a Saturday and I worked Monday - Thursday and have off until next Tuesday. Gotta save some of that PTO for when he's actually home-home!)
 Husband enjoying "civilian clothes"

This next set is from our trip to Nashville! We've been to Nashville a few times and love it! We had a great time and enjoyed just "being us" with little distractions!
With stomachs full and happy we were ready for our road trip! Husband made a country mix CD for us to get especially excited about the adventures ahead! It worked!
 The Ryman was so close to our hotel!
 Gotta love live music! It was everywhere! And no cover! Good stuff.
 Couldn't be more excited about these babies! I've wanted cowgirl boots for a loooong time. Love them! Thanks babe! xox
 Watching the World Cup final! Lots of excitement! 

Alright, time to convince husband to make me breakfast and go back to bed and cuddle! ;) 

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