Wishing for Spring/Summer and the Beach= Thoughts of Lilly Pulitzer

I have been desperately wishing for warm weather and lighter clothes.  I live in what I would consider the deep south and it has been in the 30's and 40's here.  We even had snow this week. Redic...  In addition to the extreme cold, I have also had a cold.  All of these things equal miserable.  So I am counting down the days till warmth and fun, colorful clothes.

I used to think that Lilly clothes were for little girls and older women.  But I have come to realize that there are some cute fashionable clothes.  I love that the collection is colorful.  I have sooooo many blah colors in my winter wardrobe that I have been adding pops of color here and there.  I refuse to look dreary during the winter.  

My husband and I plus 2 other couples, a single and a puppy went to Seaside, FL for New Years.  In Seaside there is a Lilly store and the girls and I were iching to take a gander and pretend it's summer at the beach.  However with all the holiday festivities, we never made it :(  I think we all had the same idea, nothing says beach better than bright and cute clothes.  Cue the Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2011 Collection (some of my faves):

1. Nadia Dress Pattern-$378
2. Lela Shift Lace- $328- Comes in White and Black too.
3. ShaunaTunic Printed Engineered-$198
4. Top: Lana Top Slub- $54. I love this versatile, yet simple shirt.   Great for the weekend or work! More colors. Shorts: Resort Bermuda Twill Solid- $64- Comes in blue and lt.pink
5. Blossom Dress Jacquard-$228
6. Cissy Skirt Printed- $98- This is such a fun skirt!  It attracted me because it has flamingos and it brings me back to sorority days, as the flamingo was out local mascot!

7. Eryn Dress Stripe-$298.00
8. Top: Hanna Sweater Argyle Stripe- $128. Shorts: Callahan Shorts Solid- $54- Other colors too.  I just love this whole look. So simple and clean.  The model is even wearing the shoes I've highlighted below.
9.Picture Perfect Espadrille- $198-I'm always looking for a neutral shoe with some height!  Too bad these don't come in itty bitty :)
10. Kiki Dress- $238- Also in Navy.  Add a cute clutch and a colorful wrap and I would totally be wearing this to a wedding this summer!
11. Charmed Bracelet- $68- Had to add this after my Charmed, I'm Sure  post!
12. Coral Ring- $175- This ring is so interesting!  This would make a major statement with the right dress!

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michelle said...

We will have to visit the "Lily" Store next time while visiting Seaside. I just love their clothes. I think it it is the colors that attracts me to it!