Blogger Spotlight: You Go Glen Coco

Today I am spotlighting the fashion blog, You Go Glen CocoDoesn't the name of the blog its self just attract you to it??!!  Liz's posts are extremely witty and smart.  I tend to read her blog during my lunch half-hour because it makes me smile and uplifts my day a little bit!   I'm constantly educated about the newest look, nail polish, celebrity gossip and more....love it!   So, I asked Liz a few questions about fashion, trends, and her inspiration for her blog.

1.  Who is your fashion icon? That would definitely be my Great, Great Aunt Scotty. She lived until she was 105, and spent the vast majority of her life traveling and collecting amazing clothes from all over the world. When she passed away I inherited some of her amazing jewelry and dresses. I try to channel some of her spunk when I get dressed every morning.

2. What is on your "I wish" wish list? Pretty much everything from Charlotte Ronson's Spring line. I love the 90's vibe. And this pair of red Miu Miu wedges that I came across on Net-a-Porter that I think would be absolutely perfect for Summer. But only in my dream world!

3. What is on your realistic wish list? The perfect pair of black leather boots. I feel like I've been looking forever! I just can't seem to find a pair that fits me right.

4.  What is the one item someone should splurge on? Probably a pair of black leather boots, haha. But besides that, a great winter jacket. I mean, you wear it every day for a good portion of the year, you should definitely love it!

5.  What are the most important things you have learned about fashion? To not take it too seriously. It's about having fun and being creative. If you're worried too much about if everything matches or is perfectly on trend, it's not fun anymore. And also, wear what you feel comfortable in! If you're constantly fussing and adjusting, it's not a good look.

6.  How would you define your personal style? Funky, comfortable, and fun.

7. What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines, or books? I live by Refinery 29. It's both informative and hilarious. A day doesn't go by that I don't check it at least once.

8. Who is your favorite designer and why? That's tough. Across the board, probably Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel, because he is consistent in delivering amazing pieces that are true to the Chanel brand. But as I mentioned before, I'm really loving Charlotte Ronson right now. And Rag & Bone. Oh, and Alexander Wang!

9. What current fashion trend is attracting you at the moment? Everything 70's! I can't wait to wear bell-bottoms and bright colored wedges this Spring. I'm all about it.

10. What clothing (or accessory or shoe) staple should every woman have in her closet? A great watch! I absolutely adore my Michael Kors watches. Definitely the best investments that I've ever made, because I can wear them with anything and everything.

 You can also follow her blog on Twitter: @GoGlenCocoBlog

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