Lands' End Canvas: Spring picks

I woke up thinking about spring outfits... not even kidding! I'm so over this winter stuff! Naturally, I go to my happy make-believe world by window shopping online for new spring clothes! Even if I never actually buy anything, it sure is fun!

Here are my spring picks for Lands' End Canvas!
1. herringbone jacket - $79.50
2. lightweight v-neck cardigan - $49.50
3. gingham poplin shirt - $44.50
4. lightweight twill overcoat - $130
5. route 63 snap tote - $138
6. bucket bag - $138
7. boatneck sailor dress - $59.50
8. ruffle henley tank - $24.50
9. modern aviator sunglasses - $49.50
10. leather sandals - $19.97 on sale!
11. sadie quarter strap espadrilles - $78.00
12. chambray full skirt - $49.50
13. superlight crewneck tee - $19.50

A few notes:
-There's nothing super fab about this specific trench (#4), in my opinion, but I think a khaki trench is perfect for spring! I got one last year at Gap outlet and can't wait to start wearing it again!
-I couldn't decide between bag #5 and #6 so you get both! I love the light, spring feel! I will be on the hunt for more of this look!
-I'm really craving a new pair of sunglasses, aviator style (#9). Perhaps as a nod to my aviator husband! I've tried on a few cheap-os at target, and they weren't quite right! I will be victorious and find the right pair!
-white tee (#13) - since I'm just "window shopping" I have no clue how this tee fits! I do think there is just something wonderful about a good white tee.

Don't you feel better just looking at those fun spring items??

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