Fall Toms

Toms has some awesome styles out right now!!
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How fun are the multi stripe ones?? Love. Reminds me of a big ball of yarn! haha.

I got a pair of the ballet flats when they came out last spring and sadly they just aren't as comfortable as the classics. I've been thinking about getting a second pair of classic toms but haven't been able to decide which color/ style!! I love the cords.. but the herringbone is just so fun too! Do you have multiple pairs of Toms? Which colors do you like best?


Tarabelle said...

I'm digging the polka dots! Love them!



heidi said...

so cute! i love toms but haven't bought a new pair in so long. they really are such a great casual shoe that look cute with just about anything. i hope you pick out a good pair for yourself!

Becky said...

Oh how I love my toms - have the standard black pair and also the burlap pair. Your post is making me want another pair!