Fall Nail Polish

If you follow me on Pinterest you know I'm all about the nail polish!! Last year on the blog I highlighted some of my favorite OPI fall nail polishes. Here are some new favorites!

Top: Essie Wicked, Dior Shadow, Essie Mochachino

My work environment isn't very conservative so I can get away with wearing darker colors and not feel out of place! Awesome! 

I bought Wicked, Mochachino and Nein! Nein! Nein! recently and love them all. The last time I applied the Mochachino however it did weird application things that I wasn't very happy about. I think Wicked is such a great red for fall - some reds to me are too cheery and Christmasy (which is perfect come late November but not what I want right now)! Love this red. I haven't been able to find Ow's Night but I think it is so unique! Bobbing for Baubles will likely be my next purchase! Thank goodness for Ulta and their coupons! :)

What nail polish have you been loving this fall?


Becky said...

I am loving my plum nail polish in the gel that lasts for several weeks.

Tarabelle said...

I'm so happy I can start to wear my darker shades; and like you i can wear them to work! Great post!



Tina said...

Becky - I love gel polish! Do you apply it yourself or get it done? I've seen that they are selling gel polish now. My interest is definitely peaked!