Yesterday at work I had some down time and was able to read through my work emails - you know those emails that are forwards from your boss from different organizations that have really good information but are so lengthy that you put them aside until later? Yup.

This particular excerpt is from "Tips and Topics" and seems particularly relevant:

"Remember when you started a new job, questioning your competence?  Am I doing the right thing?  The more you stressed about achieving the right outcome, the less you were present in the moment to actually notice what you were doing.  The result?  Getting tangled up, more anxious, only proving to yourself your level of incompetence.  As a practice, Mindfulness changes your view of a mistake- it's a new discovery, not something to beat yourself up with.   You have learned something about yourself;  that learning guides you to do something differently next time.  So stay present and notice in the moment what you are doing or thinking.  Make new discoveries!"

I feel like lately I question my competence on a daily basis! What a wonderful reminder to be present and learn from these "new discoveries". On this Tuesday may you embrace the learning and stay present in your daily work whether you have been at your job for 4 weeks or 4 years.


heidi said...

thank you for posting this, tina. i've had this post saved in my google reader for a long time and it took on new meaning for me after an interaction i had with a client a few weeks ago who i allowed to challenge my competence as a social worker. we are expected to know it all but that's just impossible, and i started questioning my competence when i didn't feel as though i had the answer that she wanted to hear. i've processed this situation a lot through journaling and with my social work supervisor and feel that i'm learning from it, but this was also a good reminder to trust myself and remain present and not to allow my clients or most of all myself to make me feel incompetent.

i hope you are doing well!!

Tina said...

Thanks Heidi! :)