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Well I survived my first two weeks at my new job! Overall it's going really well, it's just hard to be the new person again. We train at 3 different units / centers during our 4 week orientation period, and spent the first 2 weeks at the location I'll ultimately be placed! It was great to have that much time where I will actually end up! I found out on day 2 that this is where I would be placed and felt so relieved to know! Apparently it's common to have to wait until after 4 weeks to find out where you will be working! Strange, eh? Anyway, my location is adult outpatient which is what I was secretly hoping for!!! Yay! My coworkers are great and it's going to be a good experience, I just hope I can catch on pretty quickly because there is a lot to learn!!!

My husband worked today so I had some free time on my hands to do a little shopping with coupons!! The quality of these photos is terrible.. but I thought worth sharing!

I started at the Limited! Right now they have a 40% off everything sale!! I also had a $20 off coupon that I was still allowed to use! Super exciting!! Not sure when the sale ends, but definitely check it out!!

I randomly decided to bring these navy pants (show below) with me into the fitting room and I'm glad I did! When I'm looking for work tops it's hard to get the right feel when I'm wearing jeans, ya know? I actually really liked these navy pants. I have one pair of navy pants (my interview suit) but I don't love how they fit so I've had my eye on a better fitting pair. These would make a great replacement and would actually get worn more than just for interviews!

I love the look of bow tops, and the green one in particular is such a pretty color, but the fabric had kind of a scratchy feel that I didn't love. The pink sleeveless top had large arm holes and since I feel like fall is right around the corner decided it wasn't the best option either. I loved the color block top (second picture), but decided against it. I felt like I needed someone else's opinion.. I just wasn't 100% sure. 

The skinny jeans were no good. I liked the deep red color (although online they call it dark purple) so I wanted to give them a try, but no. Isn't it pretty with the pink top though? Love the combination! I did buy the blue top (picture three)! It's a very pretty color and while it's not the most exciting style, it seemed more in line with something that I will enjoy wearing for longer. Plus I think it will go well with navy, black and grey pants! 

Next, I went to the Gap! I didn't have any coupons or anything but was in the mood to try things on. Lots of cute stuff in there right now!!!
always skinny jeans - can't find them online!

The picture of the polka dot shirt just doesn't do it any justice! It is such a cute top!! The polka dots are actually pink! Love it! Resisted it. I enjoy the look of destructed jeans and was curious about the fit... but again not so good. 

I went to Express last and bought this beautiful top I mentioned earlier, but did not take any dressing room pictures! 

I also tried on this top mentioned in the same post and it was terrible- like over sized and awkward even in a size small! Bleh. My store didn't have this pretty lace yoke top in my size so I was out of luck there.

I also purchased some nail polish with my Ulta coupon and eye shadow thanks to a store credit @ Sephora! Successful shopping trip!

How was your Saturday? Have you made any recent purchases?

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Becky said...

Fun. I am loving Limited more each time I go in there. I also was at the Gap (Outlet) on Saturday and found a fun Maxi dress and a rust cardigan look forward to wearing for fall. Sounds like your job is going well, congrats!