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Thanks for the happy comments on yesterdays post and closet cleaning ideas! I am still just so excited about getting to go back to work. You may think it's super glamorous to be unemployed (does anyone actually think this?) and get to "sleep in".. but I don't get to sleep in. My dog wakes me up and either wants to go outside, eat, or play - or all three.. The not wearing makeup thing has been pretty nice for my pores, and making my makeup last longer, but basically even though I have moments of brilliance in the domestic goddess world (made this for dinner tonight for the second time - super yum!), I'm really more of a working girl. You can remind me of this in about 3-5 years when the idea of kids comes around. LOL.

I took 2 big bags full of clothes to Good Will yesterday. Random sharing moment- our coat closet also doubles as a Good Will closet where we put items we don't need in hiding and "on hold" and see if we miss them. Since we just moved I had a bag of clothes already put aside in this magical closet so I simply added to it (haven't missed them). I even went nuts and pitched 13 pairs of underwear!! Ok, possibly too much information, but those free panty coupons at Victoria's Secret always seem awesome at the time, but now that I have a washer and dryer and do laundry weekly, ill fitting panties are no good and just take up space. 

So that feels good. I'm also much more in tune to what items could help round out my work wardrobe and relearned the lesson that while buying a top that is on sale at Target may seem like a good idea, it's probably something that will get worn a few times and then head on it's way to Good Will in a year or so. I'm hoping I will continue to be a much more savvy shopper. I also need to be more careful with drying things to death (I'm talking to you F21 inexpensive tshirts. I got rid of all 3 I purchased this year. Dang.) and in general buying crap quality clothes that don't last.

Like a sick person, I went shopping as soon as I left Good Will. I went to Old Navy and picked up that scarf I've been droolingover. (and thinking about dozens of ways to wear) when I only saw 2 left.. as well as this cardigan in gray. Today I was on a mission for black pants. I have one shrunken (see dryer comment / lesson above) pair that can still pass as skinny black pants with longer tops and cardigans, and a pair I got in undergrad for sorority recruitment which is currently 4 sizes too big (fits more like 2 sizes bigger, probably thanks to my drying skills). I went to Express with a coupon (+ military discount!) and came home with an appropriately sized pair of awesome black pants!

I would love a handful of dressy-esque tops and possibly some classic button up shirts, but that will have to wait. Now that my closet is under control and I've washed and neatly folded work tops I'm feeling one step closer to starting work on Monday! Now about cleaning the house before the in-laws visit...

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Blubtrflygrl said...

Oh you were in a sorority too? Which one? I was (am) in DPhiE.

Our chapter recently closed down though.