Old Navy picks

I was running errands the other day and stopped into Old Navy to check out this scarf that I've been admiring online. Turns out it's even better in person! It's super soft and is long enough to wrap 3 times if desired, although personally I like the loose look of just twice.

Of course I had to browse to see what else was going on + try on a few items.. I left empty handed, but believe me, I'll be watching for a sale and I'll be back! :)
1. Boat-neck sweater - $24.94 - loved the fit and feel of this in person! (see a pic of me in it here)
2. Crepe sleeveless shirt - $24.94 - I did not try this on but I think it's so cute!
4. Vintage style v-neck - $9.50 - comes in so many colors and gets great reviews!
5. Printed ballet flats - $19.94 - didn't try these on either, but I've been on the hunt since last year!

My biggest dilemma is with the polka dot sweater. I do love polka dots (typically much smaller in size), but this sweater is super popular in the blog world because it's a good look-for-less for this J Crew sweater. I'm just wondering how I'll feel about it next year? I prefer this bright color combo (also comes in white with blank and camel with black) but apart from jeans I'm not sure what else I would wear it with. The white with black feels too summery, and the camel and black just isn't as fun, but perhaps more wearable? I probably wouldn't tire of it as quickly either... Oh fashion dilemmas! Input appreciated as always! :)

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