Scary Statement

jacket: H&M, sweater: Forever 21 (similar), pants: Loft, shoes: Privo, necklace: Mimi's*

During the 21 Day Challenge last fall one prompt was to wear statement jewelry. I wore this necklace then, and think I've only worn it one other time! It really is a wonderful necklace, but it's somewhat intimidating to me!! For the most part I prefer delicate necklaces - and this certainly isn't delicate! I think I also worry that it's too bold for work. Today I overcame my fears!

*I purchased the necklace @ Mimi's, but it appears to be sold out. Shop Design Spark has the exact same thing! It comes in coral too!

Have a great weekend!


Anne said...

It's funny to hear what people's fears are - because that necklace is fabulous, and it looks so great on you with that outfit! I don't think it's too bold at all. But then again, despite my desires to avoid dressing too out-there, I've somehow always loved wearing statement necklaces...

heidi said...

i think that necklace is fabulous, too! i admit that i used to be a little hesitant about wearing chunky, statement jewelry... but now i love that type of jewelry. i hope you wear this necklace more often!

Becky said...

What a fun blog and I love it too as I'm a therapist (LPC) but in the social work family - most of my colleagues are! Love big jewelery.

Tina said...

thanks ladies!! Just the confidence boost I needed! I will try to wear it in the near future!!

@Becky - glad you found our blog!

Kayla @ Freckles in April said...

I'm kind of weird about statement jewelry too. I have a few pieces that are kind of large and in charge and I'll pull them out only to switch them for something smaller at the last moment. I need to work on that because you look awesome!

Freckles in April

Chandra said...

Social Work Couture--I love this blog name! I am a former social worker (Child Protective Services) and now I teach 2nd grade! I'm going to browse your blog. I love what I see!

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