Make a Statement

I got this necklace awhile ago and have been itching to find an outfit to wear it with, but to be honest I've struggled a little bit! I don't own any bold statement necklaces (at least not like this!) so I was a bit intimated, but for the price (yay for Mimi's! I actually found it through Pinterest, but Mimi's had it cheaper!) knew I had to have it! I decided to keep the rest of my accessories minimal so it wasn't so overpowering! I got a few compliments at work, so hopefully I pulled it off!? 

The details - cardigan: Express a few years ago, dress: Gap more than a few years ago, shoes: Toms, belt: Limited, necklace: Mimi's

Say to hello to a different part of my apartment! I'm so sick of my little entry way background! The lighting isn't as wonderful here, but I had to switch it up! Fortunately husband will be home soon (YAY!) and I won't have to rely on my tripod pile (one of these days I will take a picture of how I take my own pictures!).

Social work note: I had the realization that I would have been unable to wear this necklace when I worked on the acute psychiatric unit - hello chocking hazard! Not that I was ever in one of those situations during my short 4-5 month internship (thank goodness!) but it would have been against the rules for sure!
Shirt: Khols, Belt: Banana Rep. Outlet, Skirt: Ecuador, Leggings: Old Navy, Shoes: Target
Claire's turn!  I chose to wear an awesome bracelet (see close up version below) I got from Portland, OR.  The bracelet is made of recycled leather materials.  The center is a recycled button.  The woman that made them even sized mine to my itty bitty wrist!   I found it at the Portland Saturday Market is a fun outdoor market.  If you are ever in Portland, go!  Has anyone ever been there before?  I was there for a social work conference last October and the market was a nice break.

After surveying my jewelry I came to the conclusion that I love dainty jewelry, like my small silver locket.  I realized that I have NO statement necklaces.  Sad right?  That might need to change. It's nice to have something different for a change.  I just never know what to buy when it comes to those pieces.  Any suggestions? My colleague wore this chic black dress today and a great silver and pearl statement necklace.  I told her about the challenge and that she has the perfect outfit for today.  She loved hearing that :)

I reworked this outfit since the last time I wore it.  Wore a red shirt out, added a belt and some leggings.  Can you tell it's pretty laid back at our office?  So laid back there is no dress code other than no jeans (except for "Jeans Day" once a month).  I have had a client in serious crisis the last few days and decided to be comfortable since I have been at my desk taking calls from the hospital, social workers, caregivers, and multiple family members ALLLL day.  The client seems somewhat stable now.  I'm praying it stays that way through the holiday weekend.

Recycled Leather Bracelet from Portland Market
In completely unrelated, though exciting news...I just found out that I have been chosen as a board member of the Social Work Society Alumni Board of my alma mater!  I was shocked when I found out.  I'm so excited to have this experience, but have never served on a board before.  Any tips?

Have a great evening, y'all :)


Amy said...

You girls look fab! Nice job on your statement jewelry!

Salazar said...

Love that vivid turquoise!

14 Shades Of Grey

Sam said...

Holy crap that necklace is beautiful! I love it! Great statement if I ever saw one!


heidi said...

i love that necklace tina, you definitely pulled it off!

Tina said...

thanks ladies!! :) Any ideas on what else I could wear it with?? It's such a stretch for me!!