Bad blogger

Hello! Oh man! I've been a bad blogger! Having my husband home is so wonderful (today is 4 weeks!) and it's amazing to think about all the time I spent blogging when I wasn't sharing my evenings with someone! I very much love the creativity and outlet so will continue to.. ya know, blog.. but you're going to have to be patient with me!

I need to introduce you to my new boots (seen below in the only outfit pictures I have from the past few weeks..) First let me fill you in on a little story. After trying on many different boots I found the perfect pair @ Aldo. The pair they had in stock was kinda wonky looking - the left and right couldn't have looked more different in the leather / stain. So the nice lady ordered a pair for me and I got it in the mail a few days later. Wore them once or twice and scuffed them up (I'm prone to walking into things / stepping on myself) and my dad offered to polish them for me. Bad mistake. The polish he used - apparently good stuff - completely took the stain off the boots. Oh man. Not happy.

After embarrassing myself (I'm emotionally connected to these boots! They were what I was looking for AND comfortable!!) the understanding however not apologetic sales person agreed to return and order me a new pair. I purchased the polish stuff they recommended (so as not to make the same mistake again) and have loved wearing them! So far, no scuffs so I can't say how they will clean up. Long story short - boot drama. Hopefully the drama ends there. Otherwise you'll hear about it!

Here are 2 outfits from the last few weeks. Loving the denim pencil skirt + boots. So many possibilities!

sweater: Limited, shirt & skirt: J Crew Factory, leggings: Target, boots: Aldo, necklace: SMVdesigns (similar)

top: J Crew, skirt: J Crew Factory, boots: Aldo, necklace: Mimi's The Look for Less

Alright dinner time! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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heidi said...

tina, those boots are gorgeous! that's wonderful that you were able to order a new pair! it's nice to see you posting again, i hope you'll continue to do so!