Be Jeweled

I'm currently watching Christmas in Rockefeller Center, drinking a glass of wine and working on our Christmas card! I love the holidays! Are you gearing up for them or protesting? I know it's not even December. I guess that's why Katharine McPhee is singing Beautiful? Breaking up all of this Christmas joy? Not sure. Anyone else watching and finding this strange?

One thing I'm loving about trends this winter is you don't have to wear soft, muted colors! Jewel tones are in!

Some personal favorites!
4. Tippi sweater- $49.99

Happy almost December! ;)


Magic Wand

The first day back after time off is always hard! On one hand I felt energized and somewhat ready to get back, but 10 voice mails and a hyper hospital social worker took a lot of energy out of me!! Here's the thing - social work is stressful enough, but trying to do everything and pretend like you really do own that magic social work wand does not help anything! I promise I've not entered my crusty stage yet (and keep telling myself that if/ when I do it's time to move on), but I realize there is only so much one person can do. So there.
Now on to some exciting news! But first, some background. The agency I work for has been going through a lot of changes - many policy changes, stress with budget cuts, increased work load etc etc. Needless to say, a lot of people have "opted out" so to speak and have left the agency. Fortunately they've been able to hire some new staff. Well readers, I have been chosen to be a job coach / mentor for one of our new employees! Being a job coach is something I've wanted to do since I started with the agency, so I'm thrilled to finally have this opportunity! Our agency has a 6 month mentorship period for new staff and it's pretty intense, but a great way to orient new staff and help give them wings! I get to do this!!! Y'all!!! I'm pumped.

Today was day one although my "trainee" has training all day today and tomorrow so the real fun won't begin until Wednesday! Giddyup! It's just exciting to be able to share my positive energy and love for the job with someone so they can hopefully beat the stress of the current environment, stay awhile, and make a difference in our client's lives. And maybe- just maybe, she'll know where I can find that magic social work wand.


Winter Shimmer

Happy belated Thanksgiving!!

It has been such a great long weekend - despite being sick and getting my husband sick. I think we're on the mend and are going to put up a few Christmas decorations - maybe even the tree if we get real inspired. DayQuil will make you do crazy things!

This winter it's hard to resist the sparkle! Shimmer! Metallic! Yum!
1. Pink pearlized bangle set - $29.50
2. Sequin front tank - $39.90
3. Knit opera gloves - $29.50
4. Metallic drape front shell - $54.50
5. Large pave stud earrings - $29.50
6. OPI I only drink champagne - $4.40
7. Chelsea metallic cardigan - $15.00

What's on the top of your wish list?


teal + mustard

This morning when I got ready for work I told husband that we were going to take outfit photos today.. and we did! The power of verbalizing goals out loud! This is the third time I've worn my new teal cords and finally caught it on camera! I love them and am trying hard to resist buying another pair in a different color.
pants: Loft, top: J Crew factory (similar), jacket: J Crew, belt: Banana Republic outlet, bracelet: Limited, shoes: Minnetonka

I was worried it would be hard to see the true color of the pants in the light so told husband to take an up close picture. He was confused about the "crotch shot".. but I think it helps show the true color!!

A few hilarious outtakes.
As you can see, we had fun.

You can't take yourself too seriously when you're wearing colored pants. It's the truth.


I win, I win!!

I rarely enter blog giveaways because after winning free yogurt for a year I thought my winning allotments were up!! Until...

When Heidi over at Literate @ Stylish posted a giveaway for her darling handmade skirts I couldn't resist! This morning dear readers I open up my email and find that I win!!

The skirt - I'm in love with this outfit! 
Can't wait! Thanks Heidi!! I'm already thinking up color combinations so I can wear it this fall / winter! 

P.S. social work readers - this chica is a social worker herself! Check out her blog!!


Gift Guide: Accessories

OK I know it's still November.. and in our house we can't start celebrating until AFTER Thanksgiving and AFTER my husband's birthday. However, the rest of the world and retailers seem to think differently (husband found the Christmas station on the radio. Yikes). Really though there's no harm in getting a jump start on shopping so once I can celebrate the holiday, shopping is taken care of - or at least somewhat in order!!

1. Rustic Plaid Scarf - $39.50 - just so happens to go with my new teals cords... ;)
2. Ribbed Slipper Sock - $9.50 - these are the most wonderful socks - ever. Promise.
3. Hearthstone Glittens - $28
4. Sateen Slipper - $25
5. Fair Isle Gloves - $29.50 - hard to see but these gloves have a slight sparkle!
6. OPI Crown Me Already - $4.50 - glitter, glitter, sparkle, sparkle
7. Mixed Stitch Infinity Loop Scarf - $34.50


Loft Friends and Family

Tomorrow is the last day for 40% off @ Loft! I'm especially loving their slim leg corduroy pants. I actually purchased them prior to the sale, but went back today for a price adjustment! Yay! Here are some color combinations I like with the peacock teal cords!
1. ballerina 3/4 dolman sleeve top - $39.50
2. ruched neck long sleeve tee - $29.50
3. henley pocket long sleeve blouse - $49.50
4. cotton cozy v-neck sweater - $49.50
5. modern slim leg corduroy pant - $59.50

If you're not into the teal this style also comes in the following colors - the middle color is a very pretty green in real life - definitely doesn't translate well over the internet!

Happy shopping!


Bad blogger

Hello! Oh man! I've been a bad blogger! Having my husband home is so wonderful (today is 4 weeks!) and it's amazing to think about all the time I spent blogging when I wasn't sharing my evenings with someone! I very much love the creativity and outlet so will continue to.. ya know, blog.. but you're going to have to be patient with me!

I need to introduce you to my new boots (seen below in the only outfit pictures I have from the past few weeks..) First let me fill you in on a little story. After trying on many different boots I found the perfect pair @ Aldo. The pair they had in stock was kinda wonky looking - the left and right couldn't have looked more different in the leather / stain. So the nice lady ordered a pair for me and I got it in the mail a few days later. Wore them once or twice and scuffed them up (I'm prone to walking into things / stepping on myself) and my dad offered to polish them for me. Bad mistake. The polish he used - apparently good stuff - completely took the stain off the boots. Oh man. Not happy.

After embarrassing myself (I'm emotionally connected to these boots! They were what I was looking for AND comfortable!!) the understanding however not apologetic sales person agreed to return and order me a new pair. I purchased the polish stuff they recommended (so as not to make the same mistake again) and have loved wearing them! So far, no scuffs so I can't say how they will clean up. Long story short - boot drama. Hopefully the drama ends there. Otherwise you'll hear about it!

Here are 2 outfits from the last few weeks. Loving the denim pencil skirt + boots. So many possibilities!

sweater: Limited, shirt & skirt: J Crew Factory, leggings: Target, boots: Aldo, necklace: SMVdesigns (similar)

top: J Crew, skirt: J Crew Factory, boots: Aldo, necklace: Mimi's The Look for Less

Alright dinner time! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!