Magic Wand

The first day back after time off is always hard! On one hand I felt energized and somewhat ready to get back, but 10 voice mails and a hyper hospital social worker took a lot of energy out of me!! Here's the thing - social work is stressful enough, but trying to do everything and pretend like you really do own that magic social work wand does not help anything! I promise I've not entered my crusty stage yet (and keep telling myself that if/ when I do it's time to move on), but I realize there is only so much one person can do. So there.
Now on to some exciting news! But first, some background. The agency I work for has been going through a lot of changes - many policy changes, stress with budget cuts, increased work load etc etc. Needless to say, a lot of people have "opted out" so to speak and have left the agency. Fortunately they've been able to hire some new staff. Well readers, I have been chosen to be a job coach / mentor for one of our new employees! Being a job coach is something I've wanted to do since I started with the agency, so I'm thrilled to finally have this opportunity! Our agency has a 6 month mentorship period for new staff and it's pretty intense, but a great way to orient new staff and help give them wings! I get to do this!!! Y'all!!! I'm pumped.

Today was day one although my "trainee" has training all day today and tomorrow so the real fun won't begin until Wednesday! Giddyup! It's just exciting to be able to share my positive energy and love for the job with someone so they can hopefully beat the stress of the current environment, stay awhile, and make a difference in our client's lives. And maybe- just maybe, she'll know where I can find that magic social work wand.


Blubtrflygrl said...

Congrats! Our agency has been going through a lot of changes too and for better or for worse, I think I am there for awhile. We also have been hiring new staff which I think is great...........fresh blood!!! Especially when they are positive people :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

isn't crazy how all of social work agencies are constantly going through some kind of changes!!

Emily said...

I would like to echo those congrats :) I have a sign posted in my office that says "Why don't I just loan you my magic wand and you can do it yourself." (Just like this onehttp://www.cafepress.com/+magic_wand_tile_coaster,290381842) I made it myself in word and on photo paper :)

heidi said...

this is really wonderful, tina. i can't say how needed it is to have good training and mentors when you start a new job so you're not floundering, so it's awesome that you have the opportunity to be that person for new staff. i hope it is going well so far!