Weekend Recap

Happy Labor Day! Have y'all been enjoying your weekend?? I'm so thankful we have today off because I've been so busy this weekend!!

Some highlights - shopping at the outlet mall with my mom (picked up some great new fall pieces I can't wait to share!), finally picking up a denim top, going to see The Help with my sis in law, getting this beauty in the mail from husband, family time, and being crafty! Woo wee!

As promised, a few words on the 21 Day Challenge:
-This was the first challenge we have done at SWC, so that was fun! I am definitely not used to taking outfit pictures that often, so I found that particularly exhausting!
-I learned the hard way to plan ahead for my outfits. The night before the dressy-casual challenge I was prancing around my apartment, trying on ridiculous combinations, and texting Claire, freaking out! Needless to say I went to bed much later than necessary!
-I really enjoyed the unconventional and new hair challenges best. This has inspired me to look at my closet differently and not be so boring with my hair!
-I have created a file with copycat inspiration photos!
-I started the challenge after the mixing of patterns day, and would like to give that a go in the near future.
-Monochrome day was super challenging for me - other days would have seemed easier if they didn't need to be work appropriate.
-I would like a redo on my dressy/casual day. Instead of making a casual item work appropriate, I'd like to dress down some fancy jewelry! Stay tuned. :)
-Overall, I think this challenge was good! My thinking has changed about my closet, and this is a great thing to be inspired to try new things! Props to Kayla!

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