Signs of Fall!

A couple of random things I want to share - no outfit post today, but I promise I wore clothes to work.

1) My neighbors are grilling out (early dinner I guess!) and even though all I smell right now is grill smoke, it is delightful. It reminds me of Fall, and this year, Fall is much anticipated!!!!! Yay!

2) My InStyle magazine came today. It is ginormous with loads of Fall fashion. AND the company my mom works for, Doncaster, has a HUGE 10 page advertisement! You must check it out if you happen to be into InStyle magazine. Or maybe even if you are not! ...Just in case, I'll share some pictures from their website featured in the magazine! Beautiful pictures, beautiful clothing.

3) Tonight I'm getting together with my Army wife friend Melissa for sushi - it has been too long! We've been having regular sushi dates since our husbands left, and thankfully before we know it we can bring our husbands with us!!

Hope your Tuesday is fabulous!

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Martha said...

Thanks for the Doncaster promo! The clothes are fabulous even though I'm a little partial.