Feeling Crafty!

Hello there! Good evening! How are you? I'm in a strange mood. Sorry.
Yesterday I got crafty! I found this craft via Pinterest and quickly added it to my "Crafties" board. I just love Pinterest! (Have you joined yet?? It's addicting! I'll send you an invite!)

After watching Martha Stewart do it, I took a stab at it - Tina style. I should have tried to be more Martha-like because it just didn't turn out as well. I didn't have the board or the fun cutter thing, so I just used regular scissors and it didn't cut as nicely. Go figure. That Martha knows what's up!
My version!
The moderate jankiness didn't stop me from wearing it to work today, however! I had to!

Have you seen this craft before?! It's made out of an old tshirt!! How cool is that! Best part for me - no sewing! I will try this again, with better materials! I plan to tackle this craft next!

Learn how to make your own tshirt necklace/ scarf: here.

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