Hair and 21 Day Challenge!

I've had a few requests for more pictures of my bangs.  I love how I can style them in different ways and have so many different looks.  Here are a two from this weekend.

Going to a Birthday Party on Friday
Shopping with a friend on Saturday

Also, Tina and I are going to attempt The 21 Day Challenge (as she wrote a few days ago) via Freckles in April, though we are starting on Day 6/Day 8.  Tina started yesterday, and I'm starting tomorrow.  Not sure how I'm going to mix casual and dressy, but that's the challenge, right?!  Try the challenge with us, you don't have to participate everyday! If you want to share and inspire...email a picture of you in your outfit by 4pm of the challenge day to socialworkcouture{at}gmail{dot}com and we will include your picture in a collage of pictures in our daily post :)  Have a great week!

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Tina said...

Your bangs look great! Thanks for posting pictures!! :)