Layered Accessories

You almost didn't get to see my outfit today, but my dearest brother took a picture of me before we went out for family dinner! By the way, I totally feel like this is a "first day of school" picture - being by this door at my parent's house! Haha!!

Today's challenge was to layer accessories. I feel my participation is somewhat weak sauce. Do two necklaces count? I had a bunch of bracelets on, but it just wasn't working. Oh well!
The details- cardigan: Gap, tee: Loft (similar), jeans: Gap, flats: Nurture, layered necklaces: gift from hubs & Mimi's, bracelets: Mimi's, Stella & Dot

So I have to share, and hopefully you can relate to this.. I was driving home after dinner and was tempted (but resisted! See! I have control!) to check my work voicemail to see what I have ahead of me tomorrow. I wasn't going to do anything with the calls, and I might not have any voicemails, but I seriously considered calling in! I'm embarrassed to admit I have this thought way more often than is healthy on the weekends. I need a life!! My excuse is that in between client visits (during the work week of course) I will call in to see if my next visit has cancelled, or to put out any urgent fires. So maybe it's habit? Or maybe I'm just deep down that dark social work hole.. Anybody?

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to tackle the week! Do you have any Sunday night rituals to help gear up for Monday?? I'm going to make some tea and watch the Food Network! Night!

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heidi said...

i totally know what you are saying, tina. i have a work iphone and so it's so easy to click on the email button to see new emails that i'm getting... but finally i told myself that i'm not going to look at emails, even if i don't respond, once i get home in the evenings. it's really necessary to have a separation between work & private life, especially when you're so involved in the lives of your clients throughout the day. it's tough though!