Happy weekend!!!

Yes, it is Saturday night and I am blogging. I have one cat on my lap and am playing fetch with the other. You didn't know I was that weird cat lady did you? ...Moving on.

Today mom and I had afternoon European tea (crepes/ scones and finger sandwiches included) at this super cute tea house! Lots of fun! Then we did a little shopping and I fell a lot in love with many items at J Crew. Shucks. This is why I avoid going in that store!! But they were having a sale on a top I wanted! Oh Fall clothes, how I love thee. I'll be pinning you in the near future.

Btw get ready to see some posts here @ SWC for the 21 day challenge. We may be starting late, but that's OK. I read the rules, don't worry.

Today the name of the game is unconventional. See what I'm talking about: here.

The details - dress as top: VS (similar), jeans: Gap, sandals: Mephisto, bangles: Limited - now on sale!, belt: Doncaster

Considering I'm wearing a dress as a top, it looks pretty normal right?? Trust me, it made going to the bathroom challenging, trying to tame the bulge of my dress each time. It reminded me of wearing overalls as a kid - only slightly different. Just... tricky. You following?

Be sure to check back for other 21 day challenge posts!

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