Boots & Bluegrass

Yesterday I went to see my dad's bluegrass band play at a local-ish Appalachian festival! To make things even better, I finally got to bust out my new cowgirl boots!!! It was a fun evening and my dad did a great job! I used to be so embarrassed by this whole "band thing", but now I love it - it's much more fun to be a proud daughter! Love ya, pops!

The details - tank: Target, skirt: Elle at Kohl's last year, belt and bracelet: H&M last year, earrings: Mimi's, boots: Nashville

Considering I had these boots on for 8ish hours, they were extremely comfortable! So happy about this purchase and can't wait to wear them again!!

Btw - I finished The Help! I really could not put it down! Such a great book! Can't wait to see the movie!

What have you been up to this weekend?


Kristen said...

Love that skirt (and the fact that it's still available on eBay - I just might have to nab one)! Do you mind me asking what size yours is? I think we're about the same size, and I'm wondering if the S would work...

Tina said...

I have a medium! I would guess I have more junk in my trunk so a S would probably be perfect! :)