Lunch Time Shopping

It's Friday (like you didn't already know this..)!! Bring on the weekend!! YES!

On my lunch hour I stopped by Target and was thrilled to see so many beauties on clearance!!!
1. & 3. Micro Rib Tank - $9.00 - OK this isn't on sale, but comes in great colors!
2. Cecila Woven Skirt - $13.48
4. Lila Sleeveless Top - $11.48
5. Morgan Knit Top - $11.48

Hopefully you will have the good fortune of finding this perfect work skirt at your Target! $13.48!! OMG!

This beautiful eggplant scarf is also on clearance! $6.48!
Productive lunch hour!

1 comment:

Kristen said...

Nice...#2 and #4 are looking like my next Purple Friday outfit at UE!