We did it!

We made it to Friday! Not that I was really worried we wouldn't, however it's always a very nice thing when Friday rolls along! You with me people?? Let me hear you rejoice!

The first week back after taking time off is always a challenge, but fortunately by yesterday I was feeling pretty caught up! Woo! Now it's time to kick off my heals.. err.. flats and relax!

The details - top: Loft on sale; jeans: Loft outlet; necklace: SMVdesigns (simliar); bracelets: birthday gift, from a neighbor, and Mimi's; ring: TJ Maxx flower ring; shoes: Nature "Pax" Flats

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I'm not sure you can still find this top on sale at Loft anymore, but if you do find it hanging on the rack, try it on! I love it! Love the color and love how it drapes!

On the way home from work I went to a Red Box and picked up Just Go With It. Have you seen it? I'm hoping its good!! What are you doing tonight?

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