The new players in town

No not I. And not some random man! I'm talking about my latest distractions: Pinterest and Polyvore.

If you aren't familiar, Pinterest allows you to create "boards" with different titles (i.e. My Style, Home Decor etc) and "Pin" pictures to these boards. You can add your own images from your computer, pin an image from a website, or "re-pin" another person's pin to your board! Make sense? Probably not. Go to the website and it'll make sense! Hopefully.

Polyvore is basically free photoshop for fashion! Just like with Pinterest, you are able to "Clip" a picture and create a "set" (instead of "board) with the images! Polyvore has the ability to be much more design-y than my current abilities (and patience) allow, but it's fun! Go.

Basically, if you need a new way to fill your free time, or distract you from.. laundry, check them out! :)

A glimpse at a few of my Pinterest boards to give you an idea:

My first Polyvore creation!
Fall 2011 H&M

The above items are mostly from H&M. I still want a denim chambray shirt and I just love this blazer!!! You can expect to see more Polyvore creations in future posts! Stay tuned!

And check out Pinterest! You'll love it!

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designdroid said...

I like your Polyvore sets, can't wait to see more!