Mani, Pedi and Me

I had a couple GLORIOUS days off last week and deemed these days "Claire-Only Days."  I decided that I wanted to relax and pamper myself.  I finally used my mani and pedi groupon, which I had been looking forward to! I was relaxed to the max...ahhhh!  I walked in and was asked if I wanted to upgrade for $5 to a Shellac manicure.  Immediately, I thought of Tina's post about her good experience with her manicure.  I'm only 5 days into my manicure and am loving it so far.  It is possible that Tina and I may have gotten the same color, I guess that's why we are friends with good taste :) 

I feel so revived after my days off.  I realized how much I do for others and sometimes forget myself.  I feel selfish when I focus on my needs.  After going to work this year with a fever and an extreme allergic reaction (puffy face and all) and attempting to work (but being sent home) I've really been thinking about my actions.  It's ok to be "selfish" sometimes.  As a social worker, how can you help others when you can't help yourself?  If I don't take care of myself, I will probably burn out in the next few years.  I love my job and do not want that to happen.  We have our yearly reviews coming up and I will be using this dilemma as something I need to work on next year.  Shouldn't be too hard, right?  I have sick days, I should use them when I'm sick...this is logical thinking, I think I can do it!  We all have our things we are working on to be better people and better social workers, what are you working on?

In other news:

Wyatt Update:
15 weeks
15 lbs
The sweetest puppy that I miss terribly during work, but when I get home his nub is wagging and booty is shakin'!  It makes everything that happened in the day OK!

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