Shellac: product review

I recently had my first Shellac manicure and wanted to share some thoughts!! I typically prefer to paint my own finger nails to save some money, but was happy to treat myself thanks to a gift card!

Y'all Shellac is a wonderful thing! It's a gel based polish, but more healthy for your nails! It's supposed to last for 2 weeks!!! So far I'm 1 1/2 weeks in and the only thing I notice is nail growth! Seriously, no chippage! :) The nail technician said they could only guarantee 2 weeks if I used cuticle oil every day. I've been pretty consistent, but I think I've missed a day or two..
Essentially, the application is the same as a regular manicure (base coat, color and top coat), however after each application you place your hand in this UV thing to set or "cure" the coat. It sounds scary, but it's really not! Once you're done, it's dry! So you don't even have to worry about smudging - or reaching into your purse for car keys!

I love the color I have right now - it's called tutti fruiti! It's a great for spring/ summer! I get bored with colors easily, but this is one color I would do again and again!

A downside of Shellac is the more limited color selection. Also if I were to regularly do these manicures I may be concerned about the UV exposure.
Here's a brief video from Annie @ Bella Sugar to show you what to expect - including that "UV thing" I was talking about!

Do you Shellac? What has been your experience?

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