Feather Extensions

I have a new obsession!  Last week on "Claire-Only Days" I decided to try feather extensions.
A local salon luckily had them because they are super in-demand here.  Mine are visable, but under my hair so I can hide them in certain work situations.  I also got neutral colors.  The woman who put them in said they would, at least, stay through the entire summer.  You can wash, curl, blow dry, straighten these feathers and they will still look great! She used a small bead (right) to hold the feather in my hair.  It has silicon on the inside to hold it in.  She used needle-nosed pliers to close the bead to my hair and feathers. The picture to the left shows how the process is done.  I may need an adjustment to move the feathers up in a few months.  The worst part about the feathers is trying to brush your hair and getting is pulled in the bead.  I always have to remember to be more careful when I brush.   I got mine for $10 a piece including her putting them in.  I say its a deal these days!  I think I might get more, they are funky, fun and make me feel sassy :)  I like this fun look of the model on the right!  Here are a picture of my feathers:
Can you see them??!!

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Tina said...

Love this! I have have never heard of it before! You are so cool!! I wonder when the trend will hit it big in the mid west - or maybe it already has and I'm in my own bubble! Love it!