Lunch Rewards

While most stereotypical social worker things are amusing and absolutely crazy, there may be a few things that ring true with me. No, I don't "take kids away", but I do love my Birkenstocks (more on this in another post!)... and there have been times when I don't get to eat lunch until 3:00, or I eat lunch in the car on the way to a home visit, or scarf some food down while making a report to APS - yeah that was me 2 weeks ago! We all have had those days!

If you find that you do have time to spare a few minutes for a bite to eat (your body will thank you!), take a look at Lean Cuisine's Rewards Program. I'm a sucker for frozen meals for lunch. It means I can have that much more time in the morning because I don't have to worry about fixing lunch - and I'm almost always rushing around like a crazy person in the morning- so this helps. Lean Cuisine has a rewards program going on until 12/31/11. Each box has a code on the inside, worth 20 points. Log the codes online and earn free things!! Easy? Easy.

Here are just two lovely options in the Spring Catalog:
1500 points
350 points 
Pretty cool, eh?

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