I'm so hard core.

Last night I had the craziest dream and had to share! Y'all I'm such a hard core social worker, I even have social work dreams!  In my dream I was saving a girl from being kidnapped! A lady drove up to this little girl, demanding to know her social security number (???) and was planning on stealing her identity! (I know this of course, because in my dream I turn into Tina, social worker, mind reader!) Never fear, Tina to the rescue! I demanded to know WHY she needed this information, and picked the girl up and SAVED her from potential awfulness! ...That is all I remember. The end.

Guess my subconscious wanted me to "take kids away" after all!
 Took a few pics before meeting the mother-in-law for happy hour!

Hope you have a lovely weekend planned!

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

cute outfit! oh the dreaded thinking you could safe every child! scoop up em and save them!