Comfort Shoes for Work

In this post I referenced Birkenstock shoes and promised a follow up post! A couple of years ago I learned the value of a good shoe. Is it easy to go to Target or Pay Less and grab a couple of on trend shoes for $20? Sure. Will they last for years and provide all day comfort at work? Only if you are lucky!

I guess I see the importance of paying more for a shoe knowing it will stay together longer, provide comfort and support! I'm always on the hunt for a comfort shoe that is not insanely ugly, perhaps even.. cute? Unfortunately you often have to make a slight concession on the style front, but I promise it's worth it!

Before you completely judge me for sharing these shoes on a "fashion blog", bear with me. These are real shoes - for real people that are on their feet all day! Would I love to be able to wear the cutest shoes to work? Maybe? But my day can feel long enough, I don't need to be bothered by sore feet.

Ok no more preamble! I have gathered a collection of shoes made by Privo by Clarks, Merrell, Birkenstock and Mephisto! I have personal experience with these brands and know they have great shoes, so I'm hopeful that my picks will not disappoint!

I'm lucky to have a fairly casual dress code at work, and these sporty options would be absolutely fine and easily cross over to the weekend!
6. Privo Polar Lake - $60 on sale!

These options are less sporty and more subtle.
1. Privo Polar Brook - $60 on sale!
3. Merrell Allure - $110
4. Merrell Brio - $85

Last but not least - two sandals I actually have and can attest to their comfort!
1. Helen Mephisto - $135
2. Birkenstock Gizeh - $79.95 - I wear these alllll the time! The patent really helps to dress things up, or at least make them passable for work!

What do you think gals? Do you stick to trendy shoes for work or go for comfort?


Kristen said...

I have the Privo by Clarks "Paddie" flats in brown! Unfortunately, I don't have much of a choice in the trendy vs. comfy debate. Because of injuries to two tendons in my ankle (thanks, ballet), huge heels are a no-go. But like you, I want comfy shoes that don't look downright geriatric.

For work I mostly wear flats, but I also love vintage-style shoes like Mary Janes or T-straps with low cone heels. One of my favorite pairs for work is "Cara" by Naya (tried to embed a picture, but Blogger said no...) I can walk around in these all day and not be in pain come 5:00!

-Kristen L.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

these are too funny! very nice entry for social workers indeed. i think i have a few of the Privo looking ones!