Greek Festival

This Saturday I went to the local Greek Festival with a friend and the family (parents, in laws and bro and sis in law)! It was so much fun! I've always wanted to go and just never did! It was pretty crowded but that added to the fun - at least when we were outside! Crowds indoors make me want to run and hide! Excellent people watching as well. There were lots of food choices, but I just had a kabob and some greek pizza! and beer. and a honey donut ball! :) This is what I wore.

The details - pants: H&M at least 5 years ago, tank: Target a few years ago, earrings: Limited a few years ago, bangles: Limited, necklace (hard to see): Etsy

This was the first time I put these pieces together, and I rather enjoyed it! Felt all summery and fun! I've also seen a lot of people tuck shirts in which is something so simple, but made this outfit work for me! It didn't make me feel like I was a little kid going out to a nice dinner with the family either! Success! (Do you know what I mean? I feel like there was a period of my life where my brother and I were always supposed to tuck our shirts in! Anybody?)

My friend and I left the festival and went out to an Irish pub! Multi-cultural weekend - haha! She convinced me to do karaoke again (second time ever! first time was with her as well!) and it was hilarious! I can still rock out to Ace of Base The Sign and Spice Girls Wanna Be! Good times.

Alright, enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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Mrs. Pancakes said...

love the blue and white together...very summery! and very Greek! cute!