That Dreaded Swimsuit

Well friends, it's time for that dreaded season....bathing suit season.  Memorial Day is fast approaching and many of you out in blogland will probably doing something water-related, I will!  The most important thing is to feel comfortable and not compare yourself to others (still working on this one!).  A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to the lake with some friends and I was having horrible bathing suit anxiety. Many thanks to a fellow wife, who made me feel so much better about the situation (Shout out to Michelle...love ya!).

I bought several new swim suits last year before our honeymoon, so I will not be buying any swim gear this year.  But if I was, this is what I would buy (it's a short list because I do love all my "new" bathing suits)...

I love this little skirt.  It covers what you want covered, but it still super cute and comes in many colors!!!  It is from Victoria's Secret.

I'm girl-y and love the ruffles.  I also like this bathing suit because it looks "secure" enough to participate in water sports and still look cute!  I need to be able to tube and water ski AND make sure the bathing suit is still there after :)  This Bathing Suit is from Macy's.

I would love a new cover-up.  I want something like this:

So fun, colorful, and breezy!  It makes me want to go to the beach ASAP.  P.S.  This cover-up is $88!  Not sure who pays that much for a cover-up.  On a positive note, I'm pretty sure it could be a really cool and versatile top as well.  Ahhh...want.it.now.

Hang on girls, as we get through bathing suit season TOGETHER!!!

So, what's on your bathing suit/swimwear wish list?? 

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