Weekend unwind

Good morning social workers and friends of social workers!!

These past 2 weeks have been rather hectic for me at work! I would like to blame the full moon for part of it. And the other part - well, my supervisor tells me after some time my clients will start to "flare up" at the same time. Does this have any similarity to women menstruating at the same time? cause that's what it reminds me of. And that's strange. Whatever it is, we've had a lot of flare ups!!

This brings me to my next thought: this is in fact a social work blog. And while we're pretty wonderful at covering all topics, there has been little focus on what started it all - our passion for social work!!

So folks, when you've had a stressful week whether it's because you are a social worker, or any human being that has stress, how do you unwind?

Personally, if I can have a "free" Saturday morning, that makes me feel golden. Sleeping in until 8:00, slowly drinking my coffee while blogging, with food network on in the background makes me feel like a normal person again!

We all have stress and in order to survive this profession (or life) we need to take some time and become..normal again.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


heidi said...

i am so glad that i found this blog! i am a relatively new social worker (been licensed & practicing for about a year & a half) and it's so thrilling to find a fashion/style blog authored by those in my same field. this post resonates so much with me, as i am still attempting to find that balance to remain stress free in the midst of what i'm pulled into with my clients' lives. i thoroughly look forward to more posts from you all in the future and would love to see more posts like this incorporated into your blog!

Tina said...

We're glad you found us too, Heidi! We're also new social workers and have much to learn about balance - well I do at least! I'll let Claire speak for herself! Hope you have been able to find some peace in your weekend!